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The AED Center for Academic Partnerships (CAP) provides professional development and academic opportunities that help students and professionals establish lasting relationships and make new contributions to the development of their societies. With a focus on international collaborations and linkages, CAP’s innovative programs aim to help participants become creative thinkers with global perspectives.  CAP’s programming expertise includes university placement and linkage programs, scholarship administration, English language training, and student advising and monitoring, as well as K-12 teacher exchanges and work with civil society organizations. CAP maintains a strong network of university contacts in the United States and abroad based on our reputation for building strong partnerships and consortia for our clients, which have included U.S. and foreign governments, institutions of higher learning, and civil society organizations. CAP programs exemplify AED’s commitment to creating enriching and innovative solutions to critical social and economic problems. For CAP this means providing students, scholars, and civil society leaders with opportunities to reach their full potential through participation in programs that expand their access to knowledge and develop sustainable linkages that transcend national borders.  To learn more about our programs, see the Current Programs section, and download our brochure.



AED's IYLEP team is currently planning a reunion for the 2010 Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program Alumni in Iraq for April 2011. We look forward to learning about what follow-on activities the students have implemented in their own communities to create change and contribute to overall development and improvement. The reunion takes place eight months after the students returned to Iraq, following their institutes last summer.


Meeting with the Speaker of Kurdistan Parliment,

 Dr. Kamal Kirkuki

December 17, 2010

Right to Left: Gary Gaffield (Program Director, University Linkages Program, Academy for Educational Development), Sandra MacDonald-Davis (Vice President and Center Director, Center for Academic Partnerships, Academy for Educational Development), and Dr. Kamal Kirkuki (Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliment, Kurdish Regional Government).


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